About Miss B

Miss B is a learning enthusiast and passionate classroom teacher.  Her day job is to hang out with 4th graders and guide them through a year of learning.

Spending the day with fourth graders is one of the best things ever, and it rarely feels like a job.  I get to celebrate turning "double-digits" for the first time 20+ times a year.  Not to mention my own double digits that I turn every year, but that's not as exciting.  Fourth graders still think I'm cool every once in awhile.  My class starts every Monday morning with "ONE thing you did this weekend", and they end every Friday afternoon with a high five out the door.  Mistakes are encouraged and best effort is required.

When I'm not teaching, I actually rather enjoy teaching and learning with other teachers.  Professional development is something I love to attend.  Curriculum planning excites me in a strange way, and sharing ideas with other teachers is thrilling.

I like to keep the "work smarter not harder" mentality alive and well in my classroom.  Well organized closets are a treat for the eyes, although not always practical for lazy Fridays (shove things in cabinets and close the doors quickly).  When I'm not thinking about school, I'm probably shopping, reading, baking, or out on an adventure.

I started this blog out of pure peer pressure, and it's become a hobby for me.  I love sharing ideas and bouncing ideas off of other people.  I'm nosy in that I like to see what other classrooms look like and how other teachers approach the teaching craft.  I want to learn what's in the works for education and I want to develop the best learning environment for my students, and having my blog has helped me stay connected and given me an outlet for sharing.

Professionally speaking, there are a couple main quotes I keep in mind on a daily basis and they are...

"Cura Personalis" or "Care of the Whole Person"

"No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship."

James Comer

"Mistakes are proof that you are trying!"

I invite you to grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and pop over to my blog on the regular!
Happy Teaching!

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  1. Coffee and wine...two of the best choices for surfing the web! I'm glad I found your site!

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