Plickers:  This is great if you don't have access to student devices or are not a 1:1 school.  If you have one device, you can use Plickers!  With free printable cards and a free app, Plickers is a super simple to way do formative assessments in your classroom and get immediate feedback.  It really does read student cards quickly and easily.  Check it out!  So simple!!

Kahoot:  If you do have student devices in the classroom,  then Kahoot is a great way to accommodate your blended learning environment.  Create quizzes, launch to your board and devices, and students answer questions in real time.


QR Stuff: Generate QR codes for anything and everything in the classroom!  I especially love using QR codes for back to school night!

GradeCam: GradeCam is a free or paid subscription.  The free subscription will get you the ability to create multiple choice assessments (up to 10 questions).  Use the app or a document camera to scan and check answer quickly in class. Great for formative assessments or anything needing immediate feedback!

Meta-Chart: Design and share graphs and charts for free.  A very cool tool for organizing and sharing data and information.

Block-Posters:  Just upload a .jpg file and this website makes it into a large block poster!  Very cool and totally free (up to a certain amount of blocks).  Help students learn to code!

Dance Mat Typing:  Free typing program for students to learn keyboarding skills.  Plus entertaining fun and cartoon dancing.

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