The Be Kind People Project:  If you're looking to incorporate more kindness lessons into your classroom, then this is a great place to start.  Lots of resources for teachers, totally free, and super FUN!

SeeSaw: This is a pretty nifty little app!  Students can document their own work, add voice explanations, etc. and it is stored in their own personal "file".  It would be fantastic if your school does student led conferences, student/leadership portfolios, or just to document and store student work throughout the year.  (I'm thinking it's a great way to document group projects that only one person gets to keep...right??).  You can also set up parent accounts so that parents can see their student's work- a great conversation starter for later!

Bouncy Balls: The balls bounce more when the sound goes up!  Help students realize the volume of their voices with this website on your screen.  (Maybe a bit of a distraction at first, but after awhile they get used to it!)

Class Dojo:  Set up your class and start keeping real time track of behaviors.  Positive rewards and "kind reminders" can be entered via tablet or computer and it syncs automatically.  Great for tracking behaviors and gathering data.

Class Dojo Growth Mindset Videos:  You don't need an account to access these great videos on YouTube about growth mindset for your students! Timer: Pretty straight forward, but a easy access timer for the classroom.

GoNoodle:  Get the wiggles out with GoNoodle- especially on those indoor recess days or as brain breaks throughout the day!

Behavior Intervention Guide:  A great guide in PDF form that gives possible interventions for various behaviors in the classroom.  Super helpful!

Character Lab: GREAT website for teaching students about growth mindset and character strengths.  Printable posters, lessons, and videos to support character instruction.

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