Problems of the Month: I L-O-V-E-love these!  Inside Mathematics provides amazing-and-totally-free ready to print or e-share math problem solving pages.  Organized from kindergarten-high school, and then sub-catagorized by math strand (totally CCSS aligned!), this is a super easy and quick way to challenge your students- especially those that need enrichment!

Eureka Math | Great Minds:  Well known as EngageNY, Eureka Math is completely aligned, completely FREE math curriculum.  You do need to create a username/password for an account in order to access everything.  If you search your way around, there is some truly great stuff there!  Even if you aren't using Eureka Math as your adopted curriculum, it's a great resource to access math content that is rigorous and in depth.

Math Games:  The name is pretty simple, but this math game website is organized by grade level and standard for easy access to math reviews for specific concept.  Words great on tablets as well!

XtraMath: I swear by this basic facts website.  It's straight forward with few frills, but uses the research-backed concept that facts are mastered once a student can complete them in 3 seconds or less.  With three levels, starting with addition facts, students can pass out of basic facts under 3 seconds, 2 seconds, and 1.5 seconds.

Matific: Organized by grade, this website has both worksheets and interactive games available.  You need to register to get full access to the website, but registration is free.

CK-12: CK12 has totally free videos for math standards (and science standards!) organized by grade. It's an awesome resource for the classroom, or as a resource to pass on to parents and students.  If you choose, you can register and set up your class to assign practice and track their progress.

Ten Marks:  Free for students and educators, Ten Marks is a great way to set up extra practice for students based on the standards.  My students love competing in the Math Madness competition every March as well!

Sheppard Software:  I love the math games here!  Great for interactive board work as a whole class, center activities during Guided Math, or individual practice for students.

NCTM Illuminations: Resources for teaching math- includes lessons and interactive activities for students.  I love using this website for enrichment opportunities for students as well!

NRich: From the University of Cambridge, this website has some really cool resources for math enrichment for teachers and students from early education through 12th grade.  Most activities can be used on an interactive board OR used with printables that are available (for, you guessed it, FREE).  There's a lot of content there, so set aside a bit of time to check it out.

Numbers and Operations in Base Ten:
Kakooma (& Other Games from Greg Tang):  Greg Tang, author of the Grapes of Math (among others), has a fantastic website with all kinds of great math challenges and games.  All of it is free, and some of it is even interactive.  An excellent resource for teachers.

Factors and Multiples Game

Measuring Angles with a Protractor

Strategy and Deductive Reasoning:
Set Game
Infinite Cat Project

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