Social Studies

U.S. Mint | Hip Pocket Change: A great website for kids about money and history of coins and the U.S. Mint.  Plus, lots of great resources for teachers.

History Channel Videos:  If you can find something that fits your curriculum, the History Channel has great video links on their webpage.

Economics/Financial Literacy
Your $ Magazine: Time for Kids offers a monthly magazine edition to teach students learn about financial literacy.  It is a fantastic resources for families!  I add it to my class website and make sure parents know it's available, as well as have it available in the classroom.  The best part (right now, at least) is that you don't have to have a Time for Kids subscription to view this monthly magazine extra!

We are Teachers Financial Literacy Lessons:  Totally free lessons for all ages and grades (heavy on the high school level!) available to help teach financial literacy.

Money As You Grow:  This website is super cool!  Choose the age group you want to find financial milestones for that age group (ranges from 3-18 years old).  It's a great resource for parents.

Economics/Money Vocabulary CardsYou have hit the economics vocabulary motherland, download and print right now!  Tons of vocabulary cards and definitions perfect for a game of match or memory in any economics unit.  

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