Teach the Teachers

Whether you want to push your learning for professional or personal reasons, here is a list of websites that will keep you learning.

Buck Institute for Education (BIE) | Project Based Learning: If Project Based Learning makes you a little nervous and seems a bit overwhelming, then this website is a FANTASTIC place to start!  It has great professional development reading for you, excellent student handouts and it includes videos.  Check.it.out.

Coursera.org: Partnering with top universities and organizations, Coursera offers free online courses to anyone who wants to learn.  Search a topic and choose your course!

Duolingo: Learn a new language for free!

Sophia.org: Free education resources for teachers and students, plus opportunities for free professional development, training in Chrome, iPads, Flipping the Classroom, and more.  In addition, Sophia offers the opportunity to take online college courses at an affordable price.

EngageNY:  The New York State Education Department's website for teachers provides tons of resources as well as teacher professional development, videos, and information for students and parents.

Lynda.com: Want to learn something tech-y?  This one isn't free, but for $25 a month you can learn all about design, animation, music, and more.

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