Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mystery Bulletin Board

I've been missing from blog world.  Still working on making this a part of my routine. 

Our school theme this year was "We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight".  I played with words for days, and came up with a mystery theme.  We can't see faith, but it's there.  We need to search for the clues.  Get it?  

I bought these cute little detectives at Scrappin Doodles for my beginning of the year papers, and ended up using the concept for my bulletin board detectives.  I like the board so much so that I haven't taken down my little people or the saying and just keep posting the kids work on the same board.  

I put cut each student's name out of magazines (think ransom note, except not creepy) and glued them on a chapter book that was old and falling apart.  I laminated the magnifying glasses and just didn't cut out the middle so they looked "real".  


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  1. looking for a mystery themed bulletin board for beginning of the year and found yours- I LOVE IT! Thanks for including the details of what you did.