Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fish Bulletin Board

Since I'm blogging about the beginning of the year in August, here's what my bulletin board looked like.  Our school theme this year is Faith: Love it, Learn it, Live it.

I'll admit, it's not quite as adorable as I envisioned.  I had high hopes, but got overwhelmed with new school year things.  Such is life.  However, it did lend itself nicely to many lessons:  Fishers of Men (religion!), Fill a Bucket (PBS!),  The Rainbow Fish (share your talents with our class!), create a mandala (art!).

Our little fishies are made from all the old CDs I've hoarded over the years.  Seriously.  Those are AOL discs that you used to get in the mail and I have Microsoft 95 software hidden in that collection as well as some Carmen Sandiego that kids born in 2002 have never heard of.  What you're looking at is actually my entire life in computer software.

 Color with permanent marker and DONE!  


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