Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mysterious Package Arrives

A suspicious orange package arrived on my doorstep today.  I was a little leery when it looked like this:

I'll admit I've been ordering online more than normal lately, but I couldn't think of anything that should be arriving.  It also had my school name on it but was delivered to my house.

So I opened it and got THIS:

As if Halloween isn't scary enough, James Patterson was in my mystery package wearing a pair of mustache glasses.  

I won an Advance Copy of his new young adult (?) book "I Funny".  WOOHOO!  It comes out in December.  At this point, I vaguely remembered entering a contest at some point.  

I'll be sure to read it and post some kind of review.  I enjoy James Patterson mysteries for adults, so I have high hopes for this special surprise!

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