Monday, April 29, 2013

End of the Year Slideshow

Every year I put together a slideshow for my students of all our pictures from the year.  I used to try to print pictures and make sure they got to people, but doing a slideshow was so much easier!  Not to mention, much more fun on the last day of school.  I'm always searching for new (somewhat current) songs, and I am loving this Bruno Mars number... I just have to share! 

I'm still working on this year's cover and getting all the pictures popped in there!  It is the perfect way to end our year together! 

**I figured I'd update and add the other songs I included on this year's slideshow. 
Living in the Moment {Jason Mraz}
Count on Me {Bruno Mars}
Breakthrough {From the movie Lemonade Mouth}
Go Get It {Mary Mary}
Good Feeling {Flo Rida}
Let's Go {Calvin Harris}

In the past, I've also used:
Pocket Full of Sunshine {Natasha Bedingfield}
I Was Here {Beyoncé} ...this one is kind of slow so I only used it once.
...I can't remember any more! 


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  1. Awesome song! I'm definitely using this for my 4th grade slideshow this week! :) What grade do you teach?