Thursday, February 27, 2014

Catching Up

Heyyyy strangers!

I'm behind on my blogging and have ignored the blog.  I've been out of town for 7 of the past 12 days and I'm just trying to play catch up!  Grading papers... yearbook deadline coming up (seriously, who put me in charge of this?  oh, me?)...some paperwork needs to be completed for the principal...and I am supposed to be observed this week and I don't know when!  I will feel so good after all of these deadlines are off my plate on Monday!

I haven't even read any blogs or (obviously) looked at my own blog.  So when I logged on last night, I realized TpT is having a sale for having a ton of followers and I didn't even know this was happening.  Thanks for keeping me in the know, bloggers!  I just added my store to the list- you can click the picture below to head over to my store.  Have fun shopping!

300 × 300

I'll be back soon(ish!)  
Happy Teaching!

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