Monday, February 3, 2014 a nail in the head

So I was breezing through my bloglovin' and education related emails and came across this post that made me think and laugh all at once.

While it's a bit of a plug for (which I don't mind, because I love the site), it did make me take a quick pause to think about it.

You can read the article entitled {I Need Common Core Like I Need a Nail in the Head} on Sophia's (it's not a person, by the way) School of Thought blog.  Then giggle, because yes... it is a bit like a nail in the head at times.

Here's the accompanying video that I appreciate in more than one way.  It made me laugh when applying it to education and everything going on right now.  I do feel this way sometimes.  Not just about the standards themselves- generally speaking, standards have been around for awhile- but about everything else that comes with the Common Core label.  As teachers, we're doing the best we can.  This is what I have, and this is what I'm working with.  Let's figure out how to make education the best we can and move forward.   I love my job.

It's not about the nail, guys.  Help a teacher out.

Snow day tomorrow!  Happy Teaching!

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