Thursday, March 6, 2014

National Geographic Leveled Reading (no strings attached!)

I just love teaching science.  Never did I ever think I would hear those words come out of my mouth, but science and math are the highlight of my days.

Awhile ago I created {this post about Newsela}, which is great for leveling news text for students.  There's a lot of features, including reading levels for the latest articles, so you should check it out if you haven't already.  I'm trying to find good sources for current events since this past year the school cancelled our Time for Kids subscription (is it bad that I'm also disappointed that I don't get the free adult subscription now, too??).  All ideas for something new are welcome!!!

During my search I came across this...National Geographic for Kids.  I get the NG for Kids magazine for our classroom, but not the individual monthly Explorer student magazine.  But no worries, because...


What, what!?!  Not only that, but as my title hints at, the don't have any pesky strings hanging around.  I don't need a subscription or a password to access all this good stuff.  They don't even want me to sign up and create an account with a password I will never remember!  One of the best parts of this discovery was that they post every issue in a "projectable edition" for the Pathfinder Edition AND the Pioneer Edition, so I can grab both copies of the same article at two different reading levels.

 I can project them in all their full colored glory and go through together....or print them for each student to have or to work on in small groups.  Yesssss.

The great part is that both editions look exactly the same (picture-wise) and it's only the text that is leveled.  I love that because I can hand it out and it looks the same to everyone!  Here's a quick glance at the difference between the Pathfinder (4-5th Grades) and Pioneer (2-3rd Grades) Editions:
And for those of you with little(r) ones, they also post the "Young Explorers" (K-1st grade) editions as well (you have to use a different link though- I have it below).  
Now I want to adopt a baby penguin.  

I feel like I hit the non-fiction/leveled reading science jackpot!  

You can click on the pictures above for links, or click below to check it out!



  1. You really did hit the jackpot with this one. Thanks so much for sharing. This is going to be a fantastic resource!
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  2. I need to follow you! You've hit on some excellent resources (newsela? How could it have been out there all this time and I didn't know about it? :)) Thanks so much for sharing!