Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Day (a brief game plan)

Ok, we get one day to stretch those teacher muscles and go get the deals.  I hope you've been saving your pennies.

Lots of places offer teacher discounts.  I take full advantage.  I'm not above pulling out my whistle to prove that I'm a teacher when I forget my badge.  It's been done.

So... Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!  We get to wear jeans today.  It's a pretty big deal.

Here we go.  Here's how you can arrange your day... (I mean, if you want.)

Teacher Appreciation Day Game Plan:
Wake up, teacher friend!  Hustle out the door with your lunch and 3 bags of papers.  If you live in Arizona, stop by McDonald's and get a free breakfast with a coffee.  Don't live there?  Me either.

Maybe when you get to school, someone will have made you nice card.  IDK.  I probably won't get any because we don't really do much to celebrate this day, being as we're a school and all, but I get to wear jeans so it's a win.

Teach all day!  You don't have time to go get discounts on clothes!  You have work to do!

On your break, maybe sign up to take advantage of Learning A-Z's 14 day free trial because it is awesome and they are offering an additional 7 days free (14 days total, if I'm understanding and adding correctly, don't quote me on this).  Which means you have a plethora of material to go through in the next two weeks (you have nothing else going on, right?).  It's fantastic.  Even if you already have a subscription to one part of Learning A-Z, check out the others.  I love Science A-Z and use a ton of their materials in my classroom.

Then, hop over to TeachersPayTeachers and start filling up your cart.  Add those wishlist items, find anything new for the end of the school year...maybe stock up on summer projects to work on...because TpT is having a SALE (my store is 20% off, along with tons of others!).  Don't forget the promo code for your full savings.

250 × 120

If you have 4 extra minutes, maybe watch this sweet video and reflect on yourself on your first day as a teacher and then feel really good about how far you've come.  Love this.

You're probably late picking your student's up from wherever they were now.  Go back to teaching.

After school, hustle a friend out the door with you and go grab a BOGO meal at Chipotle.  Or just get two meals for yourself...that works, too.

Then, drive through Chick fil A and just ask for whatever they are giving teachers for free today (I think it varies by location).  Maybe don't eat both Chipotle and Chick fil A for dinner and save one for lunch tomorrow.  Burrito bowls refrigerate well...or so I hear.

Convince your friend to give you a free $5 gift card to Educents, and you can repay the favor, so it's a free $5 for everyone!

Of course, if shopping for supplies/clothes with a discount is more your style, there's a whole slew of those as well.  Enjoy!

I hope you feel appreciated today!  


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