Friday, June 6, 2014

Finally Friday #8

It's Finally FRIDAY!!  Fridays are busy but if you read this, you'll have something to talk about at happy hour.

I've been absent from this for a few weeks, so I've got a few interesting articles I've been sending myself... plus I've been pinning like a crazy person since school is out, so check it out.  

ICYMI, LeVar Burton wants to bring the Reading Rainbow app to all app based platforms + the internet, but not back to television where it had made it's debut years ago.  But maybe back on tv sometime... they aren't sure.   There's a lot they don't know yet, but they have money for it now.  I liked Reading Rainbow as a kid, so I'm interested in seeing where this goes.

HOT107.9 (I have reliable sources, ok?)

Because I'm a big fan of dancing at school.
If you want to skip the article, and just watch the video, here it is:

Sometimes the books we say are good and have children read just aren't what they are into.  I love that this is a list of books that kids are actually interested in reading, versus being told to read.  It's like Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards but for books.  

National Geographic
Ok, kind of a boring one, but it's brief and fairly comprehensive addressing the major questions about what Common Core is and what the major support and criticisms are.  It's not an opinion piece on Common Core, which is kind of hard to find, so I thought I'd share.   

Here are the incredible things I've been pinning:

A collection of general school ideas.

Links for tools, ideas, tricks, information and resources to help you teach.

In case you want it all and you want it delivered.  Here it is.

A weekly infographic to get you thinking.

It's a long one on the history of education, so I didn't post the whole thing because it wouldn't fit correctly.   Long infographic, but quick read!  Check it out by clicking below.

The History of Education [Infographic]
Image from AvatarGeneration

Happy Weekend! 

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