Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Scrunchy: Bulletin Board Style

Since I moved to a different school, I have a brand new classroom!  Even if I had stayed where I was before, I would have changed rooms as well.  But my new classroom is the bomb-diggity.

Nothing makes you realize how much teacher stuff you have until you have to haul it somewhere else.  I'm also a bit of a recycler (some call it hoarding...whatever), so I moved crazy things like a gigantic box of sticker labels and around 100,000 hanging file folders (hit me up if you need any!).

I'm slowly taking things to school.  Actually, I was quickly taking things and then I was feeling like maybe I had too much stuff, so now I'm slowing bringing a box at a time each time I arrive.  So sly.  No one will ever know.

So here's the thing.  My new classroom has those walls that you staple directly onto and I've never had those before.  At first I was all "this is AWESOME" and then I started to actually try to think of how I wanted things hung up and suddenly I was lost.  

Do I just staple things anywhere?  Do I create boards?  Do I just put up a bunch borders in square and rectangle shapes?  How do I make them even?  Am I going to actually measure for a fake bulletin board?

Maybe I was over thinking things, but it got complicated.  I finally decided to make a few boards myself and then see where the year takes me.  Since the walls go floor to ceiling (I mean, that's what walls do, right?), I decided to make a couple gigantic boards that go up high.

I stuck with my go-to background- a black sheet set that I cut to size.  Fabric is my favorite because it doesn't fade as quickly and it doesn't show holes when it is pinned or stapled, and black is my color of choice because everything stands out so nicely on it.

I struggled with borders.  In the past I've kept my borders black to keep things simple and clean, but that seemed pretty silly when everything was just stapled to the wall.  

And my big was I going to keep my borders straight and even?  

I turned to Pinterest and found this post that showed scrunchy paper.  Scrunchy paper would certainly cover the jagged fabric edges.  PLUS it isn't perfectly straight so it wouldn't show how unevenly I may or may not have cut anything... My border did not hold the amount of scrunchiness that Peace, Love, and First Grade's border did because I didn't put as much tender love and care into mine like she did!  Hers is way scrunchier!  If you want yours scrunchier, check out her directions because it's super neat.  If you want it more...ruffly?...then here's what I did.  I'd like to say I designed this on purpose, but it's really just the lazy-teacher's scrunchy border.

So while it took a little time and lots of crumpling up of paper, I seriously love how it turned out.

That's about as far as I've gotten.  Not bad for the end of July!

I've also been busy curating my Hallway Showcases Pinterest board and pinning all kinds of bulletin board ideas.  If you need some back to school inspiration, check it out!


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