Sunday, December 28, 2014

One Word: New Years "Resolution" Linky-to-be

I've chosen my one word.  It is my favorite way to make a "resolution" for the new year.  I like the simplicity of it.

Last year my word was "possibility".
In that one year, I quit my job, moved half way across the country, started a new job, discovered a new "home", spent time in 10 different states, and met all kinds of new people.  I made a lot of big changes, and embraced the possibility of trying something new.  So far, it's worked out well.

Now that I'm in a new place and everything is so fresh and so clean, clean- including the new year- I'm choosing a new word to focus my energy on.

My word this year is...

I'm choosing this as a daily word to live by- not only to stop procrastination, but also to try something new and embrace new experiences.  Sometimes I need that little extra push to get started... hopefully this is it!

So in light of my begin perspective, I went ahead and started an Instagram and Twitter account linked to the good-ole blog.  I really dragged my feet on this one, a little concerned that it would be a huge time sucker for me, but it keeps coming back to me so I'm going to go ahead and begin another place to leave a Real Teachers Learn digital footprint.  You're invited to follow me if you would like {buttons to the left, to the left}.  I still want to do my sporadic Finally Friday news posts, but will be posting more fun teacher(ish) info via Twitter, so hop on the Teacher Train and join me!

I've never done a linky.  This is new...but I'm going with my begin theme and giving it a try.  So go ahead... grab the graphic, plug in your word, and share with your teacher-blogger-followers...then link up back here in January.

So, I don't know... Join me?  I'd love to see what word you're using to guide you this coming year.

(and I really didn't do this as a plug for my own product, but if you want, you could do this with your students as well...just saying.)

I'm off and running already!  Begin!


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