Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week'o'Fun! | NAEP Testing + Author Visit + Read Across America

This week is scheduled to the brim- staff meeting, teacher leadership meeting, student club meeting, math curriculum meeting (new curriculum you use something you love?)...and those are just the before/after school activities.

Once school starts we have a couple big things happening this week!

First, Monday we get to do the NAEP test.  I completed my little teacher questionnaire, and of course I requested to see the results of the teacher feedback once it was all in because I'm nerdy like that and wanted to see how I compared with teachers nationally...  Anywho!  I don't actual proctor the test- our state education department has people coming in to do that, so I just do work around the classroom for awhile.  

Now that I'm thinking about it, I should probably get some work ready to do around the classroom.  

Volcanoes by Seymour SimonSo.  That should be exciting.

On to more thrilling school events.  This week, our school has author Seymour Simon coming to visit!  We have book signing and assemblies lined up for the day.  He has written a ton of non-fiction books and will be sharing his writing craft with our students.  We have done a lot of prep in the classroom using his books.   

Plus, this week is Read Across America and although my school hasn't done any real build up for it (besides an author I guess that is kind of huge), I'm planning a few classroom activities to sprinkle throughout the week.  First up, we are going to use this great (and free!) reading on Dr. Seuss to learn about him as a person/author.  I love it because it is geared toward the "big kids" and a lot of the Read Across America resources are more for K-2 graders.  I'm planning a few more little things to do throughout the week, plus ample reading/stamina time for students.  For more ideas, check out my Pinterest Read Across America board.

Lots of good stuff happening this week!  Mostly I'm spending my time getting everything ready so that I can have my act together!  Sometimes the prep is more work than the week's activities...

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I thought it would be fun to bring a few fun Dr. Seuss themed treats for the teachers tomorrow...because who doesn't love workroom treats on a Monday???  Sometimes the ideas in my head become more work than I expected... I'm off to prepare some Yertle's Turtles, apples, and goldfish, plus some bookmarks for the kiddos.  Lots to get ready!



  1. I wish I had someone to make my lunches for me too :)

    My Crazy Life

  2. I think treats always make a Monday better...especially when they are Seuss themed! Have a great RAA week!!

  3. how sweet of you to make some treats for your buds… and my school is doing Not a Thing for this week… we are so boring!!! thanks for linking up!!! wish I was at your school so I could get a treat *wink*

  4. I love HGTV!!! You are so sweet for making treats everyone! :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade