Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New {free} Resources Page on RTL

In between summer adventures, I have these few chunks of time when I really want to buckle down and get some things on order for the new school year.  One of those things is having a catch all for the websites I love.  Do you have websites you love to use, and then you forget about them?  I will go on a website binge and then a few months later try to rack my brain for that same website and I can't remember it.  Drives me crazy!

Other times I feel like I've exhausted what I have off the top of my head and I'm looking for something that will provide a student a great challenge, or another resource to meet an entire standard, or something I can toss up on the active board as a new guided math activity, or a resource that will make my life easier, make learning better, etc.  I hate when I have that moment of "I know I've come across something that could be helpful, but I'm not sure where it is right now..."

I've tried lots of different ways to organize these websites and resources, from websites that organize them for me, to making a running list in my Google Drive, but honestly, signing into something is not what I want to do when I need a quick reminder.  I like Symbaloo for my students, but I don't love it for me.  Often times I pin these on my Pinterest boards, but sometimes the pins don't lead exactly where I want them and it gets tricky (for instance, it takes me to a blog with the link- which I love, but not during the school day or frankly any time I'm wanting to find a webpage quickly) OR I don't want to hop on my Pinterest account at school.  Then I figured if I'm looking for resources that I love, maybe other teachers are looking for them as well, so I decided on creating a catch all on my own blog.  That way it's useful to me, plus I'm sharing!  

So you may notice a new(ish) little tab at the top of the RTL blog.

This tab will take you to a list of subjects or teacher topics, and you can choose which topic you are looking for.  Then there's a list of websites I love to use or keep in my teacher toolbox of ideas and possibilities.  These tabs do not have links to products, but rather to online resources available.

I love free resources, and if I don't have to recreate the wheel, that's even better, so most of the resources I like to are FREE (although some may need a member account, but still free).  There are a few that I like that do have paid subscriptions, and I'm sure to mention that in my description.

I hope to keep this as an ongoing list of active links as new resources become available or are discovered.  If you ever find a dead link- let me know!

Do you see anything missing?  This is new and I'm just beginning to build these resources pages.  I'm happy to add resources that other teachers love in order to build a bigger-badder-better idea vault for all.  You can leave a message on this blog post, or just email me at realteacherslearn@gmail.com.

I'm super excited about it and I hope it's useful for you and your classroom!



  1. How awesome are you! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks! I'm excited to keep building it up!