Saturday, August 1, 2015

Welcome to the Teacher's "Busy Season" {hehe}

Busy season is really the entire school year, right?!?! 

It's SaturYAY!  I still have a month or so left before those sweet kiddos walk through the door, but this is my last uneventful Saturday before the August Rush kicks in and I'm taking FULL advantage of it!  Although I feel like I should start putting myself on a bathroom schedule just so my body doesn't go into shock when the school day begins...

So today I sat back and read a book and now I am watching a movie and thinking about the things I have coming up in the next few weeks.  I have book boxes that were supposed to arrive on Friday and didn't, but once they get here, I'm headed to my classroom to get all set up and ready to rock and roll.  In the back of my head, I have my National Board stuff looming over me, and I know I should start thinking about it to stay on top of things.  

I'm playing with the idea of making a back to school trailer for our staff... I've never made one before and they look kind of fun, and it might be a fun email blast to send out in the middle of all the beginning of the year craziness.  Have you ever done one before??  

Check out what other teacher bloggers are up to at Farley's link up!  If you aren't back in the classroom yet, soak it up!!  If you are, then good luck!!  Have a wonderful school year! 



  1. A Back to School movie trailer sounds like great fun. I say go for it! I don't envy you with the National Boards though. That's a lot of work. Good luck with that and have fun on your trip!

  2. I LOVE Bridesmaids! Have you seen Trainwreck yet? SO GOOD! Where are you going on your trip?

    Have fun and enjoy that free time!

    Mrs. Reed's Resource Room

  3. Oh a trip! Where are you going? I am going to Charleston next week. Have fun!

  4. National Boards...I remember that time! Best of luck!