Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy, happy!

The Iowa Caucus results are on, so I'm glued to the television (and computer), so here I sit ready to chat with you.  

Usually February is my least favorite teaching month, but my district has mid-winter break now, so February is pretty darn dreamy.  A day celebrating love and kindness, and a break?  I'll take both!  {I won't mention the pre-test crunch time, shhhh}

I got some new books that arrived on my doorstep today that I've been super excited about, plus a few special visitors planning trips to ME in the next few weeks and months that I get to plan and play tourist, so my free time is pretty wrapped up in wonderful happenings lately. 

But, I'm also in the midst of finishing my written part of National Boards and am working on the video portion as well, so my planning is out of control.  Or maybe that's my stress level.  Lots of pressure to do this right, and I'm trying to juggle it all.  I want more time.  Not just more time...but more time when I feel MOTIVATED.  I mean, I have TIME, but I don't always feel like working all the TIME.  Oy.  Balance, my friends.  It's a real need.  I hope you are taking time for you and your loved ones this month!

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Honestly,  I enjoy Valentines day in the classroom.  Or as I like to call it, Fun Dip Day.  I do love a day to share kindness and excitement in the classroom.  We get to decorate and eat treats and just enjoy.  

If you're looking for a few fun school ideas- Valentines from the teacher to fun heart themed activities for kids- you can check out my Celebrate the Holidays Pinterest board because I've been pinning like crazy lately!  


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  1. I love valentine's day too! in and outside the classroom! enjoy February!