Monday, July 16, 2012

Reading Voice Cards

**Read this like a News Anchor!**
In 4th grade, we do a lot of fluency work.  Fluent readers have better comprehension, and what's the point of reading if you can't understand it?  I was reading IRA's The Reading Teacher about strategies for fluency and the article recommended reading in voices to take student concentration off of reading the text and focus on their voice instead (Sorry, I don't remember which issue I was reading!).  Not only do the kids *love* it, but it is easy for me to hear how fluent they read when they aren't paying attention.

When students read in small groups they practice their fluency.  Sometimes I tell them they HAVE to read in voices, and sometimes I let each group choose if they want to or not.


Click *here* for the link to these twelve cards.


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