Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Regaining Motivation

I went to my classroom today.  I wasn't sure if I would end up just looking at it or actually doing something.  I ended up talking to people and then moved a few things around.  But I think...I think...I may be ready to venture back in and get my booty into gear.  High gear, because I've basically ignored everything school related for a month, including my little corner of the internet:  this blog.

To kick off my ready-for-school attitude and new found motivation, I have been reading up on all my news and events.  It helps that there was a Royal baby born and I've been glued to the television.

Here are a few things that have caught my attention (educationally speaking- I did not include the birth of HRH Prince George)- the good, the bad, and the teacher-twist to the latest headlines.

Here's the lowdown from the past week:
1.  I'll start with the most heartbreaking...I don't know the details of this entire tragedy, but it is so unbelievably sad for all of these families.

2.  Common Core is offically HERE.  Whether you've been working on switching over for the past few years or you are jumping all in this year, teachers everywhere are preparing and LEARNING together!

3.  This isn't "education" based, but this article caught my attention.  I feel like they could retitle it "Teachers Take Note of Brains Wired for Rewards" because that is how I feel once I get all those kiddos in my classroom.  Compliment, reward, repeat.

4.  Are we leaving No Child Left Behind....behind?!?!  Oh the politics of it all...

5.  So this one has nothing to do with education, except that I loved seeing how happy Phil Mickelson's caddie was when Mr. Mickelson won the British Open.  Isn't this what we want to foster in our classrooms?  Perfect example of teamwork, sharing talents, and excitement for everyone's success.  I may share this with my students when we talk about "Bucket Filling" this fall.  

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