Thursday, August 8, 2013

She's new here

I got to meet my student teacher today, we'll call her Miss M for all blogging purposes.  She came in to meet me, check out the school, and help out in the classroom.  I felt bad giving her somewhat "dull" tasks, but those were the things that have to be done before school starts!  We sorted Base Ten blocks, put up bulletin board letters, moved textbooks and workbooks around, and walked around chatting with other teachers.  Have I mentioned how much I talk to the people I work with?  It's a lot.  Maybe excessive.  I don't know how I get my job done on some days.

I saw that {The Polished Teacher} had a link up for our own student teaching memories.  I loved my student teaching and had great experiences in both schools and grade levels.  I'm so glad my university forced me to do a second intermediate level grade student teaching- I fought it like crazy, but they told me I had to!  I probably wouldn't be teaching 4th grade right now if they didn't.  Here's the peak and pit of my semester experience:

Ask too many questions.  How else will you learn?  You only get to be brand new at this one time.  Take advantage of it!  Take part in everything that you can, otherwise when you start teaching you will be like "who knew this was part of the job?".  

I made an information binder for Miss M just to introduce myself and our class.  The students haven't started back yet, but I have a rough idea what the class will be like.  This way I could be sure she had  important information (emergency procedures, phone numbers, faculty members, etc) right off the bat.  Here's what it looked like:

It had a welcome letter and all kinds of "fun stuff" inside:  About the Cooperating Teacher, About our School, Emergency info, About our Class, Daily Schedule, Class List/checklist, Log sheets for websites and ideas, and pages to create her lesson plans.

After the first day of school, we will sit down together and plan out her 10 weeks with me.  I call this The Grand Plan.  This way I know what I will be teaching, and she will have a heads up on which weeks she is teaching and when she is taking things over and handing them back to me.  

I have it all {here} if you're interested in checking it out.
(or click on the picture below) 


  1. Thank you so much for linking up! I am so fortunate that you linked up so I could find your blog! I love following bloggers who have student teachers. It provides such a great perspective for a student teacher. It sounds like your student teacher is so fortunate to have you as her cooperating teacher! That student teacher binder is wonderful! It will really help with the organization which will be key! Your caught in the act idea is great! I love focusing on positive behavior! Your negative experience is one that I would hate as well! A "B" would be so annoying! I will be sure to take on as many responsibilities because this is really the last chance I get before I could be on my own! Can't wait to read more on your blog! Have a wonderful school year!

    The Polished Teacher

  2. Lol at the B! I had a student teacher 2 years ago and did not think to have a binder for her at the beginning of the year! Such a great idea. I gave her a binder at the end of the year as part of her gift.

    Enchanted Kinder Garden

  3. A Student Teacher binder - what a great idea! I don't have a student teacher this year, but I'll file that one away. :) ~Deb
    Crafting Connections