Friday, September 6, 2013

A day just for teachers

Apparently yesterday was Teacher's Day.  At least, that's what Google+ kept telling me.  I wouldn't know.  No one appreciated me all day long.

Just kidding.  About the being appreciated.  I'm sure someone did.  I didn't feel like I was being ignored or anything.

But I didn't know it was Teacher's Day.  I'm also not quite convinced it was officially "Teacher's Day" in our country.  I think maybe it was in India.  That's what I gathered from some (very) informal research.  But I say, it's 5 o'clock somewhere, so go celebrate yourselves!

Speaking of which.  Isn't there an official Teacher's Day (in the U.S.) in May?  We don't celebrate that at our school.  We have a teacher day during our Catholic Schools Week and then call it good for the year.

I mean...this school had a cake cutting and some kind of gift opening (and some shaking videography).

You better believe I'm bringing that up at our next faculty meeting.

We aren't having faculty meetings this year anyways because we are doing PLCs instead.  We've only met with our PLCs once, and we took a quiz to see what kind of personalities we have.  I LOVED IT.  {Here's the link in case you've never taken the quiz.}  

I'm an ESTP, which is "The Doer".  No surprise here!  You can read more about my personality {here}.  Or just click there to navigate your way to your own personality and read up about yourself!   I thought it was great because we all work together and got to see how each person deals with situations and people differently.  Plus, there was a question on our survey about how we view our time spent in PLCs and it was good to talk about with our group in order to use our time most effectively.

I'm off to play in the sun for the weekend.  Blogging is hard to fit into the schedule of adventures!!! Happy Weekend!

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  1. I took the Myers Briggs test as part of a class for my Master's work and I found it all to be fascinating! We spent several class meetings going through the different types and even got together in groups based on type and it was amazing what we all had in common. Thanks for sharing the great website - I've already been looking myself up. I'm an ISFJ!
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