Thursday, September 12, 2013

Teachers are superheroes... and a message from the Kid President

When I found out I had a student teacher, people told me two things: "You will have so much time to do things now!" and "You are going to be so busy!".  And both of those could not be more true.  How is it that I can have so much down time and yet not be able to get everything done?

I'll tell you.

Because the time I have is random time at school when I wish I could be on my computer getting things done except my student teacher is teaching using my computer.  If I want to be productive during that "down time" then I'm actually planning ahead of time for my time and who has time for that?  Not me.  Then we are at school late every day going over things for the following day week.

You know what I've learned?  It's really super hard to explain everything you do as a teacher for a 15 minute lesson let alone an actual entire day of teaching.  Here's how I manage the class.  If that doesn't work, do this.  Teach this.  Look this up.  Help kid #1 write his name on his paper.  Reteach to kids #20, 14, and 16.  Check in with #4.  #9 leaves early today.  Also, send this upstairs.  Today there's an assembly.  Prepare for the next lesson.  Explain this.  Use these exact vocabulary words.  But let them know they may hear it said like this also. They need to know both.  Circulate the room.  Here's 12 books.  And 15 binders I've put together.  Plus my jump drive.  Also, here's all my passwords to every website ever.  oh wait LOCK DOWN, everyone hide (seriously, that happened).  Get copies made.  Check these papers.  Oy vey.

Seriously!  Wow.  Teachers impress me.  Great job, guys.  Pat yourselves on the back, because our job is hard and we make it look easy and that's the ultimate definition of A-MAZ-ING.  **note:  I don't feel like I make it look easy, I feel like I'm herding cattle and running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but somehow I pull it together and they appear to be learning. 

Here's what the Kid Prez says.  There's some great one-liners, so pay attention.  

Get your learn on!


  1. Oh my, that video is too cute!! I completely understand what you're feeling with the student teacher!! Your explanation made me laugh out loud because all that "stuff" is so true. Sometimes when I remember things that need to be done I think to myself how did I remember that!?
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  2. I love Kid President. This kids is too great! It's also been fun to see him grow up.

    Thanks so much for sharing

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