Thursday, September 26, 2013

Banned Book Week! and other education(ish) news

I love reading about things in the news that are related to my career as a teacher or anything in the education world.  I'm sure you've noticed since I try to post some education(ish) news that I've found to share with you, so once again here is a pretty linktastic news post.

It's banned books week!!!  Go read a banned book and figure out what the big deal was!

Click above for the American Library Association's information about banned books

 Judy Blume shares about the right to read:

and in other news...

Apparently bringing your lunch to work is uncool.  My other option is school lunch, so...

The usual.

....I thought I was getting unusually smart after I started my blog.

What do you think?  This made me think of a question that one of my professors posed to us in a college course:  Can anyone be a teacher?  Can being a good teacher be taught?  Ahhh I still think this is an interesting debate.

....which leads me to this....

...and this small gem that I found to be a little...anti-teacher.  I understand and respect his opinion here, but we aren't all monsters who think we are better than you...

'Fat Letters' to Parents are Wrong
Do you think it's acceptable for schools to send home letters are about students' weight?

And that's a wrap.  As usual, Happy Teaching!

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