Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sorry I'm not sorry.

So many bloggers are apologizing for having not updated in the past... two days or something.  What?!?  You have a life?  Your readers are so lucky that you post anything in the first place!  Keep up the great work!  Don't be sorry.

So, sorry I'm not sorry for not updating in awhile.

This has been me lately.
Our classroom got the monkey for a few days because we sold tons of magazines.  It wasn't distracting at all.  Our monkey kept very busy.

We've been very busy in the classroom.  Miss M has been teaching away lately so I haven't had to plan things and grade papers and it's been pretty dreamy.  Come mid-October, I may be in for a rude awakening.  She really is doing a great job and we are very lucky. 

In the meantime, I've been busy planning a bachelorette weekend, heading back home for weekends, and heading off to a college alumni bar crawl event.  Tonight is Culvers night, so I'm about to head out and run some hamburgers to the tables of some very lucky students and their parents.  It's pure madness.

We've been working on number forms these past two weeks (4.NBT.2 to be exact) and Miss M and I have been working together to scrounge up some things for these kiddos to get busy working on.  I'm always looking for great ideas for guided math time.

Naturally I started thinking about games I used to love playing with friends.  Have you played Spoons?  In high school, my friends and I would get together on someone's living room floor and play spoons for hours.  We were a special level of cool.  We also had so much fun.  Anywho- that's what made me think of making it a game for my students using number forms.

We played the other day and they-loved-it.  It was almost...too much fun.  Wait.  There is no such thing as too much fun.  I put together a "beginners level" with numbers in the hundreds and thousands, and then an "advanced level" for numbers in the ten thousands to millions place.  That way I could differentiate within my classroom when I was working with students.  The cards are great for other purposes as well- especially for using number forms during guided math time.  

So, if you wouldn't mind helping me out... I'm going to put these two games up on my TpT store for the next two days for free.  If you teach the number forms standard and think your kids would enjoy it, please download and leave me some feedback.  I hope your students enjoy it as much as we have!!   Also I am really sorry for not posting any blog posts in awhile so I thought a freebie would bring you back to me.  Except I'm not sorry.  

Here they are...click on the picture to link to my TpT store and download.

There's so many things I think to blog about and never make it on here to get'r'done.   I'm off to Culvers to run food around in circles!  Wish me luck!

Happy Teaching!!

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