Monday, October 7, 2013

Being Boo-ed

Once I was boo-ed in the classroom.  It went something like this:
"Open your books to page 67."

Um, excuse me?  Did you just boo me like you boo a referee at a football game?  Not that I would do that.  Basketball, maybe.  But not football.

It didn't go over very well with me.  It happened once.  It never happened again.  One point for Miss B.

...But that's not the boo-ing I'm talking about.

We got Boo-ed today.  Here's the proof.

Our school does this every year.  I'm not sure who starts it, but I think we were one of the first classes to be boo-ed this year!  It was so exciting (for my students, I mean.  Getting suckers isn't all that exhilarating for me personally.) 

Immediately, we tore the front paper off and read our directions.  Then we ripped open the bag and grabbed for suckers.  It was all very organized and civilized. 

It led us to this great website called {Been Boo-ed} where you can print off your page to pass on to the next class.  I had never heard of a been boo-ed website before so I learned something new.  We watched the video on the webpage from the Utah pumpkin drop and holy cow did the kids get a kick out of it.  

In case you've never been boo-ed or boo-ed someone, here's how it goes.  Someone (or some class) secretly delivers a bag of treats to the classroom with the "been boo-ed" sign and directions attached.   It's like May baskets for October.  You hang up the ghost on your door so that everyone gets a turn being boo-ed.  Then your class boos another class (or two!) the next day.

You can print your little ghost friend at the {Been Boo-ed website}  or click below.  They also have a {Been Visited} site for other holiday boo-like activities, but there isn't anything posted there now since it's October and all.  

So this evening I dragged myself out to the store to pick up some ghostly treats to pass on to unsuspecting co-workers and students tomorrow.  I also picked up a bunch of fruit for a little writing treat tomorrow.  That's right.  I went to the store and filled a basket with fruit and candy.  People must really wonder about me sometimes.  

Go BOO someone!  
(but be kind)


Happy Teaching! 

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  1. thank's for your share i really like your post

  2. I've boo-ed you on my blog! Check out this post...and,'s your turn! :) Love your blog!

    Friendly Froggies