Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's Turkey Week!

First, this post has been going around and it's completely cracking me up.

Here's the original blog post:  {Date a Girl Who Teaches}

And here's the rebuttal:  {Don't Date a Girl Who Teaches}

Both of which make me giggle.  Maybe don't read the comments because it takes a sudden turn onto whiney street with a detour to complainville.  Just take the humor at face value.

This is the first time I've read Love, Teach's blog and I am loving it.  She has had me laughing out loud for a good portion of my day on (but day off) today.

We had one day of school this week.

You read that correctly.  One day.  We went to school on Monday only.  Monday.  Only.  Teachers reported today for a quick meet and greet and then we were off.  I don't know why we showed up today, but it doesn't really matter.  I was there.  I was comfy.  Now I'm home with the music cranked up as I dance around my house cooking and cleaning.  I'll let the reality of December School Days hit me on Sunday.

What do you do when you have a classroom full of students for one day sandwiched between a two day weekend and a six day weekend?  Thank goodness for my wonderful 4th grade team for jumping in and helping me out with yesterday's activities.  I bet you know what we did...!

My students took a little shopping trip to find their Thanksgiving dinners.  I wish I knew where my printables came from but....I don't.  Moment of truth: my lovely coworkers did all the planning and copied them for me and handed me this project and it was a small slice of Monday morning heaven.

"Can't we just buy the $69.99 Thanksgiving dinner and be done?"  

We all feel the same way, darling students.  
It will be so much nicer if you make it and buy it all yourself with the pretend $50 I'm giving you, but I like where you're head's at.  Great problem solving skills. 

They really worked very hard to shop for a nice Thanksgiving dinner for 8 people with $50, crunch some numbers, and create a menu.  Kudos to them.  It's hard to come in for one day a week and really focus on the job at hand- for both students AND teachers!!

We also did a little Think/Pair/Share about the Mayflower and the First Thanksgiving using some reading comprehension passages.  I with I had my act together more, because I probably would have had us doing something with this passage from Superteachers worksheets about {Presidential Turkey Pardons}.  I have ideas building right now.  Ugh, too late this year.  I'll save them up for next Thanksgiving!  This is my first year using {Superteachers} and I do love having it as an extra resource for reading passages and math homework!

I'll leave you with my favorite Thanksgiving song (the video isn't an official song video...).

Have a Happy Turkey Break! 

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