Sunday, December 1, 2013

Do More Shopping!!!! Cyber Monday!

Is your holiday shopping complete?  Mine is oh so close to being finished!  I popped up to school today to clean up from the Thanksgiving disaster I left for myself and to prep for the upcoming 2 1/2 weeks we have before break.  I'm feeling better about tackling everything we need to get through in the next couple weeks.  Sometimes an hour on Sunday is so worth it to feel prepared for the week!

You know what I was just thinking....  What if for holiday gifts for teacher friends, I bought a TpT product and 2 more licenses (half price, heyyyy) and then printed and sliced and diced and used that as my gift to some of my co-workers.  Now I'm on a mission.  Wouldn't that be awesome to receive?  I already have gifts for this year because I'm a buy-ahead-of-time kind of girl, but I'm totally storing that idea for later... maybe for birthdays?  St. Patrick's Day?  Tuesdays?

Cyber Monday is probably one of my favorite days of the year and it is tomorrow!!!  I don't even buy that much, I just like to see what kind of deals I could get if I were going to buy things.  Who knows, maybe this year I'll find a few things I can't live without (see above idea).  I always do!

Typically I don't like to have posts that only feature my tiny store, but TpT is joining in on all the cyber sale fun for Monday AND Tuesday!  A bunch of teachers are taking part in the sale, and everything in {my store} will be 20% off plus TpT's additional 8% discount so go knock yourself out with great deals!  Be sure to type in the promo code CYBER to get your full discount!

Here's a few of my best selling items that you can find on sale.  I've included my commentary for your reading pleasure...or you can ignore it and just click on the picture to check it out yourself.
I'm not offended.
Be sure to leave some feedback after you purchase or use a product (from anyone!).  

Leftovers Division Math Game:  If you're looking for a math division game that you don't have to change every week, but still keeps your students engaged, then this is a great center activity.  I leave it out for weeks and don't think twice about it.  Use the greatest/least score spinner to keep students guessing the winner all game.  I'm thinking about adding work pages for division using the Common Core rectangles (I'm not sure what you call them).  Thoughts?  Does anyone use those?

Retirement Booklet: One of my best selling products- a booklet to put together for a retiring teacher.  It is excellent to keep on hand and pull out for those whole class gifts!  

Place Value Bulletin Board Set: This might be my favorite, most useful, and least expensive if you use a CPU (cost per use) approach to buying things like I do.  

Guided Reading Flip Chart Resource: This sits at my guided reading/math table to use as a quick strategy reference guide instead of storing large chart paper anchor charts.
See below....

Measuring Angles Scoot: Another of my best sellers- use as a center or as a scoot game for measuring angles.

For those of you in the parochial schools, here's my Beatitudes lapbook and poster set:


Happy Teaching! 

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