Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What will your students remember about you?

This article has been wandering aimlessly around Facebook, and I just really appreciated the point it was making.  We get wrapped up in the busy-ness (business?) of our job as educators (as well as our actual lives!) and it's good to take a moment and remember what it's all about.

Our school has an 8th grade brunch at the end of the year where the 8th graders share stories from their past 8+ years (we are a pre-k through 8th school) at the school.  As their former elementary teachers, we don't get to go since we have our own classes at that time, but I often hear about the stories shared.  I'll be honest, while they are wildly amusing, they aren't necessarily my best teaching moments and there are times when I'm thinking, "that's what you remembered...and shared...after four years?!?"  Demonstrating the crocodile dance and teaching the Cupid Shuffle weren't exactly in the curriculum, but my students did get to know me a little more... and we had fun.  And in the end, students learn more if they feel connected to their teacher.  I'm pretty sure there's a study or two out there that proves that.  

Live in the moment.  Teach your heart out.  ...and don't forget to BE.  

I may have posted this before, and I bet I'll post it again, because it's probably the quote I think of the most in my professional life. 

Keep up the great work, fellow teachers!  It is worth it.

Happy Teaching!

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