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In the News and a freebie

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I haven't done an In the News post in awhile, although I've tagged a bunch of articles I thought were interesting and they are starting to pile up.  I sorted through and tried to get rid of a few that were awhile ago now, but there's still quite a few things I enjoyed or found interesting that I wanted to post.

If you don't want to read the news and just want the freebie, it's at the end.  I don't judge.

Here's what I've collected:

In The News

First, from the White House:

"There's nothing more important to this nation's future than investing in our young people."  I think all teachers agree, otherwise we wouldn't take on this job and responsibility.  I like what they're saying, but I think we need to be careful of putting years (in 2020, we want the US will be the leader in college graduation rates) on our "goals" because it sounds a little like NCLB.  I get why they do that...but it's still a lot of pressure.  So....we'll see what comes of this.  The testing is up and the pressure is on...still.

First, is that how you spell bogeyman?  Because I would have spelled it boogeyman.  All around interesting read.

Not all "educational" technology is really educating.  Is there an age where the educational value lowers? (and similarly, check out Kids and Screens below)

I mean, this is a little awesome, right??

Kids practice lock downs as much as any other drill now.  Sad...but true.

From Make magazine: project based curriculum in the classroom.

This is kind of disturbing.

I mean, who doesn't love a Roald Dahl book?

A nice collection (in the first paragraph) of articles about kids and screen time.  Food for thought.

Printed books still rule.  Mothers love libraries.  The public’s highest priorities for libraries center on kids and literacy.

This is where my worlds collide.  I'm a huge fan of books- like actual books.  I don't have a problem reading a book on a tablet, but I love actual books.  I also love technology.  I love this, but a tiny part of me also hates it.  But mostly I think I love it.

Hey!  Thanks for hanging with me as I shared all the news nerdiness I've been reading lately.  I hope there was something there that got you thinking, was motivating, thought provoking, or just plain interesting to hear about.

Here's my freebie for sticking with me (or for passing the news and scrolling down).  I use Marzano's 4 point scale for rating student's understanding and l-o-v-e it.  I do a quick check with my students and we review each level and then I have them show me with their fingers how comfortable they are feeling with a concept.  We also log our number in our math or reading data collection folders.  I use it when we start a concept, a few times in the middle, and then at the end before (or after) we assess.

Don't mind those uber attractive holes in the wall.
If you follow me, then you know that I love the research and info to back up what I'm doing.  If you want the quick guide to this 4 point scale, check out this {easy to read PDF} for a fast read about how it works.  If you want to read any of a number of books by Robert Marzano, then you can check him out on Amazon {here}.

Reasons I like using this scale:
1. Students tell me how they feel about something and they have to actually think about how much they know.
2. I can gauge class confidence in about 5 seconds.
3. Sometimes my data shows that a kid gets something, but they don't feel comfortable with it, which means I need to do something to change that feeling or help them along.
4. Student ownership in a concept.

Click your way over to TpT and {download these posters for free}.

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