Friday, April 4, 2014

Finally Friday #4

On April Fool's Day, a student threw up and none of the teachers believed it happened.  True story.  hahahahahaha not funny, but funny.  This is why that day should be banned.  In other news...

Here's your FF#4.  Fridays are busy but if you read this, you'll have something to talk about at happy hour.

I have so many students who don't sit... and I don't even notice it as long as they are working. (U.S. Dept. of Education)

I liked this- very true, but so hard to do!  It takes so much concentration to use special language when working with kids/students!

Here are the incredible things I've been pinning:

A collection of general school ideas.

Links for tools, ideas, tricks, information and resources to help you teach.

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In case you want it all and you want it delivered.  Here it is.

A weekly infographic to get you thinking.

The Science of Happy Kids
(sorry it's small, otherwise it takes over my entire blog post!)
Click on the image to go to Happify and check it out- it really is great!!

happy kids infographic


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