Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Good luck today!

It's April!  Happy Spring!

First day of the month means link up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade.  Here we go.

I had a student walk in today on crutches with her leg all wrapped up for April Fool's Day.  This day drives me crazy!  I don't like being fooled!  I'm much too task oriented and gullible.  I also can't believe anything I read on the internet, because everything on the internet is usually true!!  hehe.  Good luck today!

We start testing this week.  Eek!  To make up for it, the weather is starting to get warmer.  It makes for lovely outdoor recess time. Hopefully it's starting to do the same in your 'hood.  



  1. Hello! I'm visiting from the Linky Party! Love your blog design:) I'm excited too about the weather, wow! I love the sun:) Have a great April!
    Love, Dianna
    Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching

  2. I hope the sun sticks around for both of us. I need some heat...free heat that is :) Best of luck with all the testing and the results. You can do this!
    My Second Sense

  3. I don't like being fooled either---luckily I was able to escape any trickery! It just warmed up here in PA, too so I feel ya on the outdoor recess! I felt so bad our kids had state testing and had to stay in too. Feels like they have been inside for the past 4 months straight!!

    Lucky you getting out on May 22nd!! Take care : )

  4. Your last day is on my ten year wedding anniversary. Too bad I don't work in Kansas, that would be a great anniversary gift! :) I have never been a fan of April Fools Day either! I am glad I teach K kids this year.. they really don't get April Fools!