Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's the Thought that Counts: Best Gifts Ever

Happy Earth Day!  I know I should do an earth friendly post... but I'm not.  It's my birthday, so I decided to switch up the usual Earth Day post and do something different.

I love nothing better than a homemade gift from my students.  Mostly because they are by far the funniest things ever created and even more amusing when I think that they made it thinking about how much I will love it.

In honor of my birthday I have compiled a few of my all time favorite handmade gifts from my students.  Here they are...

First, this crown.  Or really any handmade item that involves me wearing it all day and looking ridiculous.

Sculpture of my head.  Need I say more?

Hand painted unicorn.  Every teacher needs one.

How to Get a Guy: the complete guide to dating for single teachers.
This was the subject of an entire slumber party.
Hilarious... and awkward.

Notes on papers...or other mediums.  I consider any note written to me (one of these was on a test) to be a gift because they bring me so much laughter and joy.  These are amazing.  That is all.

Excuse me?

Yes.  All of them.

I won't even comment on the "get married" note.
Did you just define JK for me?  Seriously?  My generation invented JK.

Pictures of me:
That was my exact outfit that day.  Not creepy at all.

Do I have a snout?  Is my tongue out?  Am I Betty Rubble?

 I love them.  I'm sure I have many more, but those are the gifts I have documented.  I think teachers should put together a book of "notes to the teacher" to compile all the little hilarious notes we get from students.... who's with me??

Happy (b)Earth Day!



  1. Happy Birthday! Such a fun post! LOVE the #1 teacher picture...too funny!


  2. Cute post!! I love the do's and don't of dating book - that is hilarious!!!