Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time is a pesky little thing.

This is the most wonderful time of the year... and I truly mean that.  I have tons of friends and facebook teachers and other teachers I meet on the street that are all "Ugh summer's almost over, I'll have to work again!" and I'm all "THIS IS AWESOME WHEN CAN I START THIS CRAZINESS!"  Except this year I'm not quite ready yet so it's a good thing I have a couple weeks left to prep.

I am feeling like I don't have enough time, which is a complete lie.  I have time.  I'm just choosing not to use it.  It passes either way though, so that's the problem.  Today in training we discussed how when we are overwhelmed, we often do nothing instead of tackling the project.  That's basically the neighborhood I'm hanging out in right now.  The I'm Overwhelmed So I'm Going to Do Nothing neighborhood.  It really does not help the issue.

Then, I was flipping through my feed and realized ohhhh....shoot.  I forgot that tomorrow is ANOTHER TpT sale and I should probably get my store ready (and by that I mean...discount everything).  So now it's all prepped and ready to go.  Discount starts at midnight; set your alarm!

I wish I could keep up and give you more details, but I'm ear deep (that's a term, right?) in writer's workshop and training from THE Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, which means I'm currently training with the people who helped Lucy Calkins write her books and workshop approach and it's super overwhelming as a new teacher to this district so I'm trying to focus.  It's a four day training and we are are writing narratives, which in my opinion is the most brutal of all the writing types.  Workshop training is giving me some great ideas for my students though, so I am scribbling notes to help me set up my classroom and, of course, to share with you once I get my head screwed on straight.

In the meantime, grab all those things you forgot on TpT- don't forget to use the promo code to get the full discount!

Good luck with back to school...maybe make yourself some cookies.  Or buy them, because that's less time consuming.


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