Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New City, New School, New Calendar

"So I was reading this blog" is totally the teacher's version of "So I was at this party"...

So I was reading this blog...The Inspired Apple...and Abby just posted about this great calendar she made on a canvas with these lovely bright numbers/letters that she posted for free... and suddenly I was in Michaels buying a canvas and at home printing off new calendar numbers.  I just couldn't help myself.

Besides, I had just hung up my old calendar and kind of ho-hummed my way through finding the September card and stapling it through the wall and thinking "this is terribly inconvenient" about both the most convenient calendar location in the room and the fact that I had to staple it to the wall.  I've shared my internal debate over my brand spanking new bulletin board walls.  Really do love them...just struggle in the how to set up a bulletin board part when the entire wall is my oyster.

Basically, this canvas calendar solved my problem-o.  Not to mention, I can take it off the wall and replace numbers/months instead of reaching across my desk to put all my weight into stapling it to the wall.  And velcro?  So smart.  Bonus.

When I returned from my surprise trip to Michaels (btw, canvases are buy one get one free at Michaels right now, and they are sold in sets of two, so really you can walk away with 4 plus 10% off if you use your phone coupon.  You're welcome.).  Suddenly I was drinking coffee and busy.  I may have jumped on a few other projects while everything was out and I was highly caffeinated.

I read an infographic once** about how if you want to be creative you should drink beer, but if you want to get things done, you should drink coffee.  I'm waiting for the combo so that I can be both all the time, but until then I will hunker down with my coffee and get to work.

**Everything on the internet is true.

And while I'm already inadvertently advertising for things (this is just really what I did...I don't get paid for being me), can I mention how much I l-o-v-e-d this marker/paint pen?  It was just what I was looking for and it was awesome... it made big thick lines and didn't run out or stop working or suddenly spit out a ton of black paint on my canvas.  It was spongy so I could smoosh it on the board.

I'd like to pretend like I spent hours measuring and making my squares really straight, but I didn't.  I did some quick pencil measures and then just went for it with the paint pen.  I live on the edge.

So I pretty much just love my finished product and I can't wait to take it to school and hang it on the wall!!

I don't know what I'm going to use the squares on the right for yet, but I decided to go ahead and make them instead of centering my calendar.  I'll find something.  Or not.  I don't know.

So... thank you, Abby.  You're a calendar genius.  And also this perfectly timed with what I was looking for.


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