Friday, November 14, 2014

Finally Friday #12

Happy Friday!  Only a week and a half left before Thanksgiving!  Not that anyone out there is counting.  Surely your students aren't....and certainly not the teachers....

So here are the interesting reads I've rounded up lately:

{Why kids should choose their own books to read in school}
Washington Post
My district focuses heavily on this... does yours?

{The Secret Lives of Teachers}
NPR launched a project highlighting various teachers and what they do outside of the classroom.  Makes me feel like I should pick up a big hobby...

{Teacher spends two days as a student and is shocked at what she learns}
Washington Post
This has been floating around for awhile and I think it is interesting...although elementary classrooms and high school classrooms are drastically different, it's still something to think about.

{App-Smashing for Teachers: the power of app cross-pollination}
Using multiple apps to get the job done for both students and teachers.  Interesting concept, fun name.

 {US to focus on equity in assigning of teachers}
Great!  ...not sure what the roll-out for this would look like.  There's a reason teachers are effective where they are... I think maybe we're looking at the wrong issue here.  IDK, thoughts?

{Sandy Hook's new school, striving for invisible security}
Lots of thought and interesting building and land development surrounding the school's new grounds.  Interesting read and opportunity for reflection on school buildings around the country.

Here are the incredible things I've been pinning:

A collection of general school ideas.

Links for tools, ideas, tricks, information and resources to help you teach.

In case you want it all and you want it delivered.  Here it is.

A weekly infographic to get you thinking.

Just a glance at teaching around the world- salary, day schedule, hours, etc.  Head on over to {eLearning Infographics} to check it out (and MANY more!)



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