Thursday, November 13, 2014

World Kindness Day

Before I get to my main post today, does anyone have any insight for me on how to add hyperlinks in the Preview program on Mac Yosemite?  I don't seem to see it and everything I'm reading says it is officially missing and NOT making a return... therefore leaving me without a way to hyperlink my graphics/fonts on my TpT products.  Sad face.  ...if that is the case and I now need to fork over some cash, does anyone have any suggestions??

Ok now on to the real reason for today's post...!

Guess what?!?

Today's a big day.  Today is WORLD Kindness Day.  It's not even just's the WHOLE WORLD spreading kindness.

I've been RAK-ing (haha get it?  Random Acts of Kindness) my brain for ideas on what to have my kiddos do to celebrate.  I already do my Valentine Kindness Bugs that I adore, so I want to do those for Valentine's Day this year, so I decided to keep our kindness activity tomorrow a little different.

I decided on having my students write messages to each teacher in the building to show their appreciation and pass on the "warm fuzzies" to everyone.  Spread the wealth, if you will.  Since I'm new this year, and so are a few other teachers, plus my students are 4th grade so they haven't had every grade teacher yet, I decided to give them a basic outline and assign them a teacher so they can personalize it.

I didn't want to leave anyone out- especially since our custodians and administration are super important to our building...not to mention the helpers in the cafeteria and all of our EAs, so I made up a bunch of fun fill in the blanks for our students to do and pass on to my colleagues.

Since it's World Kindness Day, I'm sharing it with you all in case you want to hop on the bandwagon and spread the joy.

World Kindness Day Resources:

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  1. Hi Miss B! I was just nominated for the Liebster Award and now I am nominating you! Click this link and follow the directions to accept the award. If you've already had this award, sorry! :)
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