Saturday, January 31, 2015

Seahawks Friday

Our student 12s were out in full force on Friday, and we had a ton of fun but boy was I exhausted by the end of the day!

I certainly anticipated the excitement for the day.  It was a Seahawks spirit day for students (and teachers!).  Then we received an email that the Washington governor issued a proclamation for a "moment of loudness" at noon, and obviously we would be taking part.  So at noon, in the lunchroom, my students were yelling their loudest to cheer on the Hawks for 30 seconds.  The teacher next door was playing Seahawks music so staying focused was out the window.  I just opened our door so we could take part in the party music.

Basically, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  We had a day of fun.

We started by changing up our morning lunch count screen to be Seahawks themed.  Then we completed a Seahawks word search (on blue and green paper, of course!).  We created a "Seattle Pride" alphabet book as a class.  Then we went to lunch and screamed because the governor said so.

We put post-its on our window so the rest of the school could see our pride on their way out the door. (Making letters backwards was a lesson in and of itself!)

We did a math review, read The Royal Bee and did some inferring (fantastic story, btw- recommended!), and spent time completing our social studies explorers posters and trading cards.  So we did squeeze SOME academic goodness into the day.

Later we met up with our 1st grade buddies and created Seahawks hats and posters, and one student created the Century Link Field, which was adorable.

Super Bowl Blue Friday in Seattle... it lived up to the craziness I was expecting.

Go Hawks!


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