Saturday, May 2, 2015

Busy Bee!

OhMyGoodness, pardon me while I dust a few cobwebs off the corners of my blog here.

Life has been semi-busy (I mean, I've probably spent some time watching The Voice when I could have been blogging, but instead I chose to mono-task) - all in really wonderful and lovely ways.  My friend had a baby that I've been busy snuggling.  I fully committed to beginning my National Board Certification and have been trying to collect everything I need to get started...and now I have to do all that pesky reading so that I know what the heck I'm doing!  I'm excited {and nervous!} to begin!  I've had a few meetings during (sub plans!) and after school for our district math adoption committee.  I've had a couple new students in our class and we've been working hard to make their transition a smooth one.  Plus a few other things sprinkled here and there and suddenly April went **poof**!  Life has been happening over here, my friends!

Thank goodness Farley is keeping me in line over here.  I'm planted on my sofa watching these horses begin their trot in the mud for the Derby.

This sunshine + keeping busy = one happy teacher.  My school year in the PNW is about a month longer than it was in the Midwest, so while all my darling friends are winding down their year, I'm still over here with two months to go.  But I promise you, the kids are antsy and ready for summer.  They must think they are on the Midwest schedule as well!  

But looking ahead a few months... I have lovely summer coming up and I'm excited to be able to share my new city with a few friends who are making the trip out here.  Hopefully that will lead us on some adventures.  I'm excited to have some people to be a tourist with!  

I'll get back to my teacher-y posts in MAY, so you're welcome to pop back and visit from time to time... but for now, hop on over to Oh Boy 3rd Grade and see what other teacher bloggers are up to


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  1. Does PNW mean Pacific Northwest? I'm a bit behind in these abbreviations - I just learned that TY means thank you! I like how you list the books you're reading on your blog! My last day here in Massachusetts is June 26th - summer seems very far away. I do get jealous when I read how all these other bloggers have so few days left, but I bet they get jealous when we're still on vacation in August! Happy Weekend!