Sunday, May 3, 2015

Teacher Retirement + Teachers Moving On {Gifts from the Class}

Happy SUNDAY!  I am prepping for a super fun week and getting those plans in order.

Popping in REALLY FAST because the end of the year can be super busy and exciting and maybe stressful, and on top of that, we usually have some special teachers in our buildings who are moving on to other schools or moving on UP to retirement.  Yay for them!

So all I'm saying is that usually we are scrambling to pull some kind of class gift together (or is that just me?), and for that reason, I created retirement booklets and a going away booklet (for kids or teachers!) and just today I bundled them and they are up and ready in the RTL store.

Each sold separately.  All sold together.  Whatever you want.  ...and JUST IN TIME for that fancy sale happening in a few days!  

720 × 90

That's all.  Back to my sunny day of planning and prepping.  


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