Saturday, June 20, 2015

Officially Summer | Lots of Changes!

I am finally officially on summer break.  Yippee!  I cannot believe my first year teaching in Washington state is complete!  This has been a crazy adventure.  I'm loving it.  Admittedly, this year I haven't blogged a bunch or even been motivated to hop on the computer and write about what I have been working on.  I've felt a bit uninspired this past year.  That's not to say my move has left me without creativity or that my new (amazing) teaching position isn't interesting and inspiring and fantastic.  It's just that I've been focused more on figuring things out, finding where things are, getting to know my coworkers, and just generally fitting in and finding myself in this new place.  It was important to me to get settled and unfortunately, blogging just wasn't always on the "top priority page".  Now with a full teaching year under my belt, I'm feeling more like "me" and feeling a bit more inspired, relaxed, and ready to get back at it!

But that doesn't mean that there aren't any BIG changes in store for next year!  After 9 lovely years in 4th grade, I'm making a big move (well, big move for me!).... 
to 3rd Grade!

I'm super excited to take on a new challenge, but those little 3rd graders scare me just a bit right now!  I mean, they come in as 2ND GRADERS!  I checked in all my 4th grade materials and checked out the 3rd grade materials and now they are in a nice stack in my living room waiting to be sifted through.  I was a bit shocked at first about the move (even though I offered and agreed to it!) because this is a bittersweet move for me.  I've loved my 9-10 year olds!  But I think I'm ready to shake things up a tiny bit and jump in to some different curriculum.  Yay!  Ideas for bloggers to follow (or Instagrammers, Twitterers, or anything else) are welcome!  

I'm also beginning my National Boards next year... 

Hopefully I can knock out a few components this next year and get this sucker accomplished!  Next year will be a lot of work!  Any tips for studying for the Component 1 test are appreciated...eek!

So I suppose after taking a year to get settled, I was ready to jump back in and tackle some projects.  I also gave my blog a little face lift- how many times is too many times to do that?  This is the second time in a year, but I think this one will "stick".  I've loving it.  A few things might start looking a bit different, but everything is still there and in it's place!  

If you're on your summer break now, I hope you're enjoying it and relaxing!  


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