Saturday, March 29, 2014

Animal Live Cams: Baby Eagles!!

Kids l.o.v.e. animals, which makes my classification unit a peach to teach.  All you do is pop up a picture of some random animal and suddenly they are all spewing random facts about it in your direction.  It's the easiest topic to get them interested in!  

I mean...right?  Just watch this elephant learn to use it's trunk...

When it comes to the Animal Kingdom, I get to teach the {dichotomous key}, vertebrates, and invertebrates.  Our dichotomous key and invertebrates sections have the most new information for fourth graders, so I enjoy those the most.  Plus invertebrates have fun words like cnidarians and echinoderms.

There's nothing better than just observing animals in their natural (or zoo-natural) habitats.  We love to pop in and check up on what they are doing.  Sometimes observing is learning!  Especially in science.  Here are some of our favorite Animal Cams.

Open Sea Cam from Monterey Bay Aquarium:
Live streaming video by Ustream

We loved watching the open sea cam and spotting sharks as they swam by.  We also enjoyed the {other animal cams that the Monerey Bay Aquarium had up}- particularly the penguins.

Typically, we check out the eagles in Decorah, Iowa.  A couple years ago they had eggs that hatched while we were watching and it was the coolest thing!

Eagles in Decorah, Iowa
Live streaming video by Ustream

In doing my research on this, I realized that there are eagle eggs hatching in Pittsburgh RIGHT NOW.  I couldn't get it to upload on my site, so you'll have to go there yourself.  I can't stop watching; it is so amazing!  Right now there is one baby and two eggs.  My students are going to be so thrilled!  I hope the last two eggs wait until at least Monday to hatch...

Here are some other great animal live cams:

Stop by later this week for some more on ideas for teaching invertebrates.

Happy Teaching!

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