Friday, March 28, 2014

Finally Friday #3

Happy last day of the week!  I've started a bunch of posts, but haven't finished anything this week (half finished projects have been a theme for me the past seven days), so this will have to do until my next post!

Here's your FF#3.  Fridays are busy but if you read this, you'll have something to talk about at happy hour.

E! News
Clearly my most trusted source of all education news, but this made me LOL so I had to include it.

{Rude vs. Mean vs. Bullying: Defining the Differences}
Huffington Post
YES.  I'm about to run this off in bulk copies and hand it out on the streets.

{Black Preschoolers Far More Likely to be Suspended}
...also the complete government study {Data Snapshot: School Discipline} that found these results.

{Indiana First State to Pull Out of Common Core}
Washington Post
I guess I'm confused on how this is different than the Kansas College and Career Readiness Standards and the Iowa Core Standards.  Why is what they did "official" compared to Kansas and Iowa?  Can anyone help me with this?  I like how they add that the "new standards" may still be extremely similar to common core, just not called common core.

I also liked this article from Think Progress on the same topic:
 {Indiana Pulls Out of Education Standards it Already Started Implementing}

Here are the incredible things I've been pinning:

A collection of general school ideas.

Links for tools, ideas, tricks, information and resources to help you teach.

{All My Boards}
In case you want it all and you want it delivered.  Here it is.

A weekly infographic to get you thinking.

Happy Weekend! 

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