Monday, March 31, 2014

This One's for the Nerds

My nerdy self laughed out loud when I read this.

Ok, so this isn't about invertebrates like I had previously mentioned (well...that picture is, haha, but not this post), but this was just too good to pass up.  I've written about empathy and teaching students social skills before and I continue to think it's one of the most important parts of our classrooms.

I was just having lunch with an education friend the other day, and she was talking about a study she found that showed that lack of student achievement is directly related to how a student feels s/he is perceived in the classroom.  If a student feels like they don't have friends or they don't fit in for whatever reason, they will not perform as well in school.  Do you find that in your classroom?  It made me think again about my tricky class this year.

This video has been floating around from last year's Comic Con in Denver showing Wil Wheaton responding to a child who asked him how to respond when someone calls you a nerd, and it is really fantastic.

I have my fair share of nerdiness, I say go ahead and geek out on whatever makes you happy.  I try really hard to show that to my students as well.  Hopefully if we keep working on it, we can redefine "cool".  


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