Friday, March 21, 2014

Finally Friday #2

Wrapping up Spring Break (for me)!

Here's your FF#2.  Fridays are busy but if you read this, you'll have something to talk about at happy hour.

Detroit Academy of Arts and Science elementary school choir sings Happy
Just in case you need a smile....

EdTech Magazine
Huh.  I have seating charts.  I even have them for the lunchroom because I'm "that teacher".  Do you use seating charts regularly?

The latest in speed reading apps...give it a try!  What do you think?  I'm a little torn...but I think it's fun/cool. 

Fast Company
Love this!!  Choose your state, and find the deets about which donations are being requested and funded, and which states are getting the most funded materials.  Interesting read...

Here are the incredible things I've been pinning:

A collection of general school ideas.

Links for tools, ideas, tricks, information and resources to help you teach.

{All My Boards}
In case you want it all and you want it delivered.  Here it is.

A weekly infographic to get you thinking.
(click the picture to visit the source)

Busy Teacher
Teachers: The Real Masters of Multitasking [INFOGRAPHIC]

Happy Weekend! 

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