Tuesday, March 18, 2014

End of the Year Slideshow

It's that time of year!  No, not the end.  Not yet.  But we're getting warmer and the end is in sight.  It's Spring Break, which is when I usually start gathering my pictures and setting up my slideshow.  I only have about 2 more months of school, so I'm starting to choose my songs.

I had so many people check out my end of the year slideshow post from last year {check out last year's selections here}, so I thought I'd share once again, except in music video format.  Of course, the videos are only for your viewing pleasure since my school video exclusively features my students!

I aim to keep my songs fairly recent since that's what my fourth graders relate to the most, plus it adds to the year "memories".  I also try really hard to investigate appropriate lyrics, so these should all be appropriate for elementary students.

Here's what I'm leaning toward this year (in no particular order!):

Happy (Pharrell)

Everything is Awesome (Tegan and Sara; Lego Movie)

I Wanna Be Like Me (Sara Bareilles)

Best Day of My Life (American Authors)

Go Get It (Mary Mary)
I'm at a parochial school, so this song may not work for everyone!

And my runner up (if I have more pictures and need more songs):
Let it Go (Idina Mendez; Frozen)

Am I missing anything or do you have a song to add?  Let's hear it!



  1. School's Out For Summer.....=) and I like Forever Young

  2. I love your selection. It helped me out while making my own slideshow for my own fourthies.