Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day Celebration in the Works

I'm busy getting all prepped for February.  It's a short month, and extra short for us because we have mid- winter break right smack in the middle of it!  So, it's going to go fast and I want to be ready.  

Our district allows 3 "celebrations" each year.  Our first was our Pumpkin Math day.  Our second is our Valentine Brunch.  I have never done this before, but I'm excited!  I sent home an e-note to parents letting them know about our celebration and inviting them to help out by sending in some important brunch necessities.  I'm fortunate to work at a school where parents are able and willing to help me out with this kind of thing.  New schools mean new ideas!  I love it!

I created a Google Form for parents to sign up and that way it automatically organizes the information for me and I'm all set.   Google Drive is one of my favorite teacher tools!

We have our brunch in our classroom, then students hand out Valentines and get to open them at school. That part is new to me this year!

We will share our Love Bug Kindness writing afterwards to wrap up our morning of celebrating friendship.  I plan on handing out the bugs and the assignment on the Wednesday before our celebration (and I consider the bugs to be the Valentines from me!).  I'm excited to try something new this year and thought brunch was such a cute idea!

So far, that's my plan... How does your class celebrate Valentines Day?  


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